How can LAF® Space support passing found property back to You

When your lost property had been found you can communicate with the finder via the LAF® Space App or even more convenient on our LAF® Space platform on the web.

You decide after your possession had been found if you want:

  • Ignore it completely, for example when living in a country with a high crime rate as information about you may be the real interest of the finder.
  • Give up possession, for example when it is a low-cost item without sensitive data or emotional links attached to it.
  • Get it destroyed securely, for example when it is a low-cost item with sensitive data stored on it and you are no longer close.
  • Get it sent it back to you, for example when it is a high-cost item with or without personal data on it.

The LAF® Space web platform allows you to manage all the communication and appropriate actions yourself.´

Sometimes doing it yourself this is not the best idea. This is about scenarios like:

  • The finder may be more interested who you are and you prefer to remain anonymous. 
  • You need proof from an independent third party for legal/insurance purposes.
  • It is hard to reach you and/or you do not have a lot of time.

 This is where we can help to act as the intermediary in your name. LAF® Space is handling all the communication with the finder and works out a proper arrangement.

We do have arrangements in place with parcel forwarding services in the US (Los Angeles/California) and Europe (Edinburgh/Scotland) to keep things easy, fast and cost-effective for all parties involved 

There is one exception to this procedure in case of pets lost and found. As we think this does happen in your neighborhood/close range to where you live direct communication initiated directly by the finder seems to be key to us. Therefore you have to add a phone number where you can be reached. This number is only visible when the dedicated LAF® Tag has the status found.

Please download and install the LAF® Space App from your local Android store. The LAF® Space App is available in all Android stores in the Americas and Europe. The LAF® Space platform can be accessed from anywhere with the URL You will find the settings needed at User Account and affected the LAF® Tag level.

Some of our services offered may incur additional costs and fees.

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