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GDPR & Mobile Devices

Protect Your Company Mobile Data

Have you done everything to become GDPR compliant?

You use strong passwords, have reduced the mobile data and all mobile storage encrypted. Sounds great. It is time to relax now. But wait…

What happens when your device gets lost? What about zero-day vulnerabilities? Bugs in the implementation of your encryption? Broken passwords?

What about informing the regulator and your other duties in case of a data breach?

All these nightmares could be avoided when the device is passed back, the tamper-proof LAFTAG untouched to you in less than 72 hours. But how could it pass back? That is where we can help.

We offer an mobile and a browser App to manage everything around your LAFTAGs. It does not matter if it is just the one you applied to your mobile phone or all of your company. It is easy to do and does not consume much time.

How does it work?

We offer physical (tamper proof and standard) and virtual stickers named LAFTAG®.

The physical ones are tamper proof. Just place them at the back of your device(s). If possible cover a screw and you know when your device had been opened and probably the data replicated.

The virtual ones are applied via software to your devices lockscreen. That makes it hard to peel them off without knowing the password or a factory reset.

If a device got lost the finder can scan or type the qr-code to start the process. If you have opted for self-managed the finders contact details are passed forward. If you have opted for full-managed we handle everything. You and your data stay complete anonymous. This may prevent any possible appetite on your data and increase the chance to get your device back. You can offer a reward in addition.

How much does it cost?

That depends on your choice. We offer self- and full managed solutions starting from 1£ per device (10 devices minimum).

The self-managed solution cost 10£ one time for 10 LAFTAGs securing 10 devices. If you do not want to organise passing back yourself we are happy to help. Each passback we do on your behave costs 100£. This includes the cost of transport but not a possible reward offered by you.

The full-managed solution cost 100£/year for 100 devices. One passback / year is included. Each additional passback cost 50£. This includes the cost of transport but not a possible reward offered by you.

All Finders are invited to join our monthly price draw for free. We offer this to be sure there is an incentive independent if a reward is offered or not.

Sounds great, where can I buy my LAFTAGs?

The most convenient way is to buy them on Amazon. After you have bought your LAFTAGs we will offer you the upgrade from self- to full-managed.

Tamper proof labels great when you can cover a screw or edge as proof the device had not been opened:

Standard sticky labels a bit more scratch resistant then the tamper proofed ones:

The price for each of them is the same – 10 LAFTAGs are 10£. Not much sleeping better!

Where can I get more information?

We are GDPR certified practitioners and are here to help you in all GDPR related problems and question. To get in touch with us just send an email to us:

Would be great to hear from you soon!