The LAF® Space Location Service

Sometimes waiting till a lost possession had been found is not good enough. For these cases, LAF® Space offers a more active service based on BT LE (Bluetooth Low Energie) tokens.

These tokens send continuos a dedicated id every LAF® Space App can receive and forward to our servers. Our servers will associate a LAF® Tag with this id and check the status. If the LAF® Tag is marked as lost the owner will get a popup in the app and an email with the last coordinates where the id had been read. If there are multiple readings from different locations based on triangulation a more precise estimate could be provided.

The association between the BT LE token and the LAF® Tag could be made via the LAF® Space App or the LAF® Space platform.

As the LAF® Space Location Service is based on a dynamic mesh created automatically by the LAF® Space App what makes it very flexible and not limited to a predefined location.

By the way – tokens based on NFC are available too. Sometimes this is handier than the optical scanning of a LAF® Tag, 

Please download and install the LAF® Space App from your local Android store. The LAF® Space App is available in all Android stores in the Americas and Europe. The LAF® Space platform can be accessed from anywhere with the URL You will find the settings needed at the affected LAF® Tag level.